Tilling the Fields of the Ineffable: Encounters with the Ephemeral Aspects of Sexual Taboo


Auguste Hill received a master's degree in philosophy from the European Graduate School. Currently, as a Ph.D. candidate, she researches and writes about the phenomenology of taboo. A confirmed Existential Transient, Auguste conducts Limit-Experiences, orchestrating media centered self-disruptions to produce empirical data about sexuality, desire, and identity.

Auguste sets up Limit-Experience based events for herself and others based on her theory of existential transience. Her books and films traverse the creative edges of movement and provoke questions about the value and violence of transparency as an antidote to the unmentionable.

Consanguinity Disruptus (Atropos Press, 2019), an academic hybrid narrative about incest, maps the personal, interpersonal, and transpersonal machinations as tools of re-membering through the phenomenological modality of disruption.

Saas-Fee, Switzerland

Saas-Fee, Switzerland

Obstructions; a Shamanic Rave about Sexual Taboo, the performative corollary to Consanguinity, screened in Southern California. It is Auguste’s first feature length film after years of producing short films based on identity deconstructions through media.

Auguste is currently working on her Ph.D dissertation in philosophy through EGS in Switzerland and Malta. Her field research and Limit Experience projects are currently under construction in the mountains and jungles of Peru.


Straying in the Field



An essay about the dark side of monogamy


Berlin Unspoken

Literary Magazine

My residency in Berlin, DE concluded with my essay, Straying in the Field of Pleasure being published in the literary journal Berlin Unspoken. It was a great feeling to find a home for this transgressive piece about sexual commitment.

Sometimes my travels coincide with curiosity; this interview with Nicole Hunt

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Travel Writer


Gozo Trek

“An exploration of sexual taboo that will change the way you react to the unmentionable…”

Valetta, Malta

Valetta, Malta

Synopsis of Consanguinity Disruptus: The Phenomenology of Incest as Limit Experience. Location is everything. For the linguistic rider into the liminal spaces of trauma the chosen landscape alchemically bleeds into the writer’s headspace, altering the observer’s terrain with a curious gaze.  Consanguinity was written in part from the earthbound confines of a Highlander SUV often parked in the fog banks of San Francisco and the contrasting sun drenched pathway of the PCH, a balmy portal to the nonverbal  somatic space for re-collection.

From a noisy Loft in Berlin's Kreitzburg district I sat and performed a second edit on the text written from my wolflike edge dwelling of my SUB. All the while, through the five years of its gestation, Consanguinity Disruptus kept pulling me away from the societal gaze and into the dark caves of sexual trauma recall. Ultimately, I found one location through which the sensations of trauma were filtered; the post-traumatic region of the unmentionable filtered my research onto the page as an act of transparency.  

Planet Earth has been a prolific site for viewable violence during the evolution of its reigning species the sapiens. As culture is introduced through the birth of the incest taboo, a new realm of transgression opens up for homo sapiens. While open territorial wars are waged, the body of the child is situated as a hidden ground for violation.

Los Angeles, CA

Los Angeles, CA

Likely, if born near the end of the 20th century you will state terrorism or some brand of digital malevolence as the lead-ing global site of violence. If born earlier you may name a well attended war. In ac-tuality most violence is perpetrated in the dark, among the shadows of the familial construct. It is a sort of terrorism, libidi-nally imposed; it owns the faces of chil-dren and it claims the bodies of the ac-cessible; daughters, sons, nieces neph-ews, granddaughters, grandsons. No de-fense budgets or well define visually dec-imated enemy lines exist in its wake.

Berlin, Germany

Berlin, Germany

Content Overview - Consanguinity Disruptus is divided into a triad of realms echoing the anatomy of a primordial modality for introspection, shamanic journeying,  in tandem with the corporeal investigations I make as I ob-serve the inner workings of libidinal somatic mappings. Along with phenome-nological illustrations. The Book is struc-tured thus:


 realm a. liminality

        Chapter 1: Skin to skin; Death Drive & the Covenant with Incest. Deconstructing Denial. Dimensions of Consanguinity, Ta-boo’s Relation to Time                               

        Chapter II: The Bones;

Incest’s Development as Taboo Obses-sive Liminality        Phenomenological Ac-count #1 Quantum Affects of Unknowable Spaces  


realm b. limit-experience

       Chapter III: The Blood; The Violence of Transparency, Mapping the Libidinal Flow, Phenomenological Silence,     In-cremental Echoes of Patriarchal Bias , Media & Incestuous Memory, The Para-digm of Culture                                           

       Chapter IV: The Womb;

Erotics of Limit Experience,      Phenome-nology of Alterous Identities, Libidinal Currency     Phenomenological Account #2 Reading Into Shadows                                                                                          


realm c. performativity

       Chapter V: the lungs; Truth & telling the truth, Mapping Consanguinity’s Dis-ruption, Existential Transience,                 Reading Into Shadows                          Chap-ter VI: Flesh As Screen; Phenomenologi-cal Account  #3                          

Loss and the Pendulum Effect, Media, In-cest and The Real,        Imagery and the Sa-distic, Disorder in Desire,                                In-cestuous Plot Points,                  The Neural Shaping of Tragedy, Mapping Incest’s Continuum Through Narrative, The Alter-ous Realm of Limit Experience                                         



Conclusion - Media and the transfiguration of the Incest Trope                                 


Afterword -                                                  Consanguinity Disruptus is meant to relocate a subjugated academic and sociological topic that is heavily affecting the well-being of multitudes of children who grow up to be traumatized and dysfunctional because of early sexual violations. The rate of incest among prostitutes varies from 65%-90%. One in three women experience sexual abuse as children. Depression, suicidal, ideation, and addiction are some of the symptoms that the untreated sexually traumatized experience. In order to increase the overall health of culture on a global level the incest taboo re-quires attention by mental health professions, social structure and familial relations. Located in the quantum fodder of the child’s experience as a sexually activated biology of secrecy from a the beginning of identity formation, teasing out this pattern of sexual ac-cessibility is a life long process for the adult. Awareness of the language of sexual violence is a crucial step in transforming this energy into its alternate expression as creativity, vibrancy and self-efficacy. Tilling these fields however ineffable it may seem, is a limit-experience conducted  through transparency, the alchemical grounds for sexual vibrancy. As Levi-Strauss theorized the birth of culture through the advent of the incest taboo, the 21st century sapiens will have the opportunity to re-appropriate the libidinal from the vast expanse of violence it has entertained in history. It is available as fodder for conversion to a high yield energetic field of creative endeavor, transforming not only the inter-relations of men and women but freeing up uncountable units of human potential that can be used to address current global constraints as well as issue a new sexual mythology for our planet.